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  • What's included / What you need to know:

    • Detailed descriptions for all of the exercises included in the program (Includes reps and sets) 

    • Video demonstrations will be available via Instagram using hashtags 

    • This plan includes a month of exercises, 3 workouts a week. 

    • It includes the workout split I am currently doing. 

    • This plan is geared towards building and strengthening your overall upper body. 

    What you'll learn/what you'll need: 

    • Correct form and technique on all exercises 

    • How to use certain machines at the gym

    • My favorite glute exercises that I’ve used throughout my journey to get the results I have thus far

    • How to not only make physical progress but mental as well 

    • You'll need access to a gym with standard equipment


    This plan includes 3 days of upper body workouts a week and all muscle groups are going to be trained including chest, triceps, biceps, back and shoulders. Its the same split I am currently doing and it can be done by beginners through advanced. 


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