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What's included / What you need to know:

  • This is the very first booty program that was released! I have incorporated all of these exercises into my routine since I began my fitness journey (almost 3 years ago) and my glutes have gained size, muscle and overall development.
  • This plan is intended to not only gain overall leg development, but to build muscle as well. All workouts in this plan is what I have done/still currently do! 
  • This plans will have video demonstrations that will be available via Instagram using #hashtags 

  • This plan includes a month of exercises. 3 leg/glute workouts per week (1 quad focused & 2 glute and hammie focused) 



What you'll learn / What you'll need:

  • Correct form and technique on all exercises 

  • How to use certain machines at the gym

  • My favorite glute exercises that I’ve used throughout my journey to get the results I have thus far

  • How to not only make physical progress but mental as well because wow will these workouts get to you and mentally make you stronger, oh and lets not forget it'll make your booty stronger as well

  • You'll need access to a gym with standard equipment including resistance bands and a hip circle